Harvington - leaflet distribution

This list may be used in planning the distribution of leaflets to all households in Harvington. It is not maintained, so please allow a few extra leaflets for each deliverer.

Area Households
Leysfield, Leys Road from Council Houses to Whistlewinds 28
Orchard Place 63
Oak Tree Road;
Leys Road (Newhaven - Orchard Place and corner of Brookdale to phone box opposite Orchard Place).
All houses on north side of Leys Road between Blakenhurst and end of row. 22
Blakenhurst (including houses on west side of approach road). 55
Brookdale 25
The Rowans, Leys Road (both sides) to Orchard Place and telephone box.
Poplar Way and Marsh Close
The Brickyard 10
Old shop (now called Bredon View Guest House) to Harvington cross-roads (including Myatts Field). Chapel to cross-roads. School. 48
Station Road (both sides), round village green to include Cotswold View. 42
Station Bank, Crest Hill, Church Street to Blacksmiths corner.
"Coach and Horses". Anchor Lane East, down to river.
Hopkiln Cottages, Shakespeare Lane, Stratford Road to the by-pass, The Orchards to Northgate House. 23
Grange Lane (inc. 2 cottages in field), and Rectory Close. 24
Malthouse Cottages, Finch Lane, Steppes Place, The Retreat, The Old Bakery, Walnut Close. 40
St James Close. 35
Village Street from corner cottage to Dalkeith including The Barns & Harvest Court, and Glebe Cottages 1 - 15. 34
Hughes Close. 66
Ragley Road, Hughes Lane, and Bredon Ground excluding Nos 1-2 Glebe Cottages. 37
Alcester Road (both sides), Evesham Road, Newing Court. 30
Total 694

Our thanks to the distributors of the Harvington Village News for sharing this asset.